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About the Art

Driven by passion for history and transcendental expression in art,

Colchis Forge creates whimsical and timeless “wire wrap” designs in

jewelry, sculpture, wearable art and unique historical and fantasy garb accessories.

Reigniting the Dreams
of the

History and myth are my main sources of artistic inspiration. It is my belief that we do honor to the past and to our ancestors by keeping their artistic traditions alive. Art is broadly understood as an attempt to translate the subconscious to reality, and to conjure the imagined and the mystic here in our physical world. When we invoke artistic expressions from humankind's distant past we give voice to their dreams, their fears, their motivations and their reverences, allowing us to better explore our own imaginations through surrealist expression.


Following this ethos, I strive to create styles that are both timeless and surreal, and to utilize classical motifs to make fine quality jewelry for historical costumes. The knife sheath decoration pictured at the top of this page was inspired by the medieval Anglo~Saxon "interlace" art style, as well as traditional Celtic knot designs. Some historical examples of these art forms can be found in these exquisite archeological finds uncovered at Sutton Hoo and in the Staffordshire Hoard in England.

The Common Treasures

Along with a wide variety of fine jewelry such as wire wrapped and hammered rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, I enjoy creating unique miniature sculptures of woven copper and sterling with eclectic focal pieces such as stone points, crystals, antique clock parts and skeleton keys. Each a one~of~a~kind work of art, they have a secondary function as perfectly sized tokens for player characters in tabletop role~playing games. Costume pieces I produce for the renaissance fair and historical reenactment communities include wire~wrapped elf ears, flasks, bottles, eyeglasses, wands, staffs, sheath and hilt embellishments for swords and daggers, circlets and period~themed jewelry, as well as masks created by my Oak & Gear co~artist  Kirsten Eichholz which I embellish with wire wrapped copper and sterling and beads.

Oak & Gear

In 2014 my fellow artist Kirsten Eichholz of Oakwood studios and I came together to blend our crafts of wire and pottery to create a style of mixed~media art which we believe is unique in the world.

We utilize this duel style to collaborate on jewelry, sculpture and wearable art. We enjoy creating what we lovingly refer to as “fine art for real nerds.” Our specialties in this area are custom tokens tabletop role~playing games, as well as wearable art and jewelry for renaissance fair costumes. During the fair season we take our

“Oak & Gear” tent to several renaissance and fantasy fairs in the New England area and take great pride in seeing our masks and other accessories incorporated into fair~goer's costumes.

Custom Work and Commissions

Bringing forth dreams into reality is for everyone! Contact me to commission a custom piece of jewelry, wearable art or sculpture.

I take great pride in bringing others' design ideas to life.

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